Brief Introduction

High-end award platform where foreign architecture firms and domestic architecture firms show their splendors

In this year's event, CREDAWARD will continue to invite top-class/excellent architecture/landscape firms to participate in this competition, and for the first time, we will obtain support of consulates from different countries so that more architects who have designed buildings in China will be invited. Foreign architecture firms and domestic architecture firms will show their splendors on the same platform.

A specialized Selection Committee and scientific evaluation criteria

The Selection Committee of CREDAWARD consists of real estate architects from home and abroad and senior academic experts who will come up with a complete set of evaluation criteria; during evaluation, no single architecture firm will influence the results with their perspective, so that the evaluation can be scientific and specialized.

It is the first time to use international evaluation procedure in China so that the whole process is transparent and open

CREDAWARDwill adopt the international process of "online submission → online voting to select the finalists (expert evaluation + public evaluation) →Presentation by finalists on site → voting of winners and announcement of results on site → Award Dinner" to that it will transparency and openness of the evaluation.

Elites from various fields will be participating in the Award Dinner that has great influence. They will witness the glorious moment of real estate designs

Besides inviting the representatives of architects and academic experts of the Selection Committee, CREDAWARD will invite representatives from consulates, media, the public and other professionals to be at the Award Dinner to witness the glorious moment of real estate design.