Awarding date:

If you are informed that you have been chosen to be a finalist, please prepare for the presentation, which should be 10-15 minutes long. If you need flight tickets and hotel reservations, please contact us.

Place of Award Dinner :

Shanghai, China

Place of Speech :

Shanghai, China

About Shanghai:

Shanghai is a modern city with traditional Chinese flavors. In Chinese culture, Shanghai-style culture is a regional culture that have risen in modern times, which represents the culture of modern times of Shanghai. The essence and spirit of this culture can be reflected in the buildings and imagesof modern times.

The western-style buildings along the Bund and the skyscrapers in Pudong add radiance to each other; The hymns of the Cathedral in Xujiahui and the curling up of incense smoke from the Jade Buddha Temple exist in harmony; Seniors playing Majong under arcade and kids playing football in the alleys form an idle picture in the metropolitan; the Shanghai Opera and local Farce Comedies of Shanghai in little theatres run in parallel with symphonies and ballets held in grand theatres; the local cuisine of Shanghai, the Cantonese style of Tea in Hang Fa Lau, and the French cuisine in Red House Restaurant are served for gourmets from all over the world; the teahouse in Shanghai Old Street and the bars along the Hengshan Road are frequented by people from east and west.

In the city ranking of 2014 published by Foreign Policy USA, Shanghai China ranks number 18th.