We are looking for projects that are worth of promotion

We are looking for firms with most value to cooperate with

We are looking for architects with the most originality


Residential Project

Top luxury residence, High-end residence, Boutique residence, Affordable housing, apartment buildings, Sold demonstration areas, Sales centres, Model houses, Long-term rental apartments, TOD, etc.;


Commercial and Office Real Estate Project

Commercial Project

Mixed-use, Large-scale Commercial Center, Community Business Center, Shopping Mall, Business Block, Commercial Space, TOD, etc.;

Office Project

Headquarter, Office Building, Coworking Office, Corporate Workspace, etc.;


Cultural&Tourism Real Estate Project

Cultural Project

Museum, Exhibition Hall, Sports Center, School, Library, Restaurant, etc.;

Tourism Project

Characteristic Town, Theme Park, Show Area, etc.;


Resort Hotel, Luxury Hotel, City Hotel, Homestay, etc.


Additional Projects


Hospital, Vocation Oriented Retirement Community, Centralized Retirement Community, Senior Apartment, etc.;

Industrial Real Estate Project

Industrial Town, Industrial Park, etc.;

Other Projects

Real estate projects which are not mentioned in the above categories: TOD, etc.


Urban Renewal

Residential,commercial and office,cultural & tourism real estate projects;The specific category of project must be offered during application;