Submission of application form / nomination by Selection Committee

Registration period: Aug. 27 –Nov. 30, 2018

Submission of documents
Deadline: Before Dec. 21,2018

If you want to compete with projects and works, please prepare: 

If you are interested in CREDAWARD Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

CREDAWARD 2018-2019 will accept the applications submitted in PPT format, with a number of pages of at most 30. The submitted information shall cover:

A. Project Basic Information: Project Concept Description (in Chinese and English), Project Location, site area, project scale (overall floorage), plot ratio, greening rate, time of commencement, time of completion, design cycle etc.;

B. Project drawings: site plan, main monomer floor plan, elevation drawing, section drawing, flow chart, detailed house type drawing etc. (Choose the drawing contents to submit according to the characteristics of the project by yourself);

C. Real photos (the real photos must be provided for all the completed projects except for projects of the solution category);

D. Project Team: Members of the core team of the development enterprise (names, positions, resumes, recent photos                  

Members of the core team of the design unit (names, positions, resumes and recent photos of the chief designer and his/her team)

E. Project Highlights: arrange and submit the materials according to the evaluation criterion combining the project conditions.

Announcement of finalists

Date of Announcement:Before Jan28, 2019

Note: If you are chosen as one of the finalists, you should pay for one Entrance ticket so that you can send someone to participate in the presentation on site and attend the Award Dinner.

Presentation by finalists on site
Award Dinner

April, 2019

All the finalists of the project will give presentations on site, and audiences on site can vote. 1 vote of an adjudicator on site=10 votes of a guest on site. The votes will be recorded and registered. 

Gold medals as well as awards for finalists will be presented in the Award Dinner.