Application Cost

Entry fee: RMB 2,800 each entry;

Finalist participation fee: RMB 6,000/project;

     1. Including 2 places of  participation in the award speech and award gala;

     2. The shortlists will be published in the award album, with a print volume of 5,000 copies;

     3. Free access to 2 award albums;

     4. The shortlists will be exhibited on the meeting, and the form will be decided by the organizing committee;

     5. The award-winning project can get 1 trophy and 2 medals;

     6. The organizing committee can assist the express medal  and the album to the partner company;

     7. Short-listed projects can get 1 WeChat promotion opportunity;

     8. All shortlists will be posted on the award official website;

     9. Shortlisted projects will be published on the Media Partner Platform in the form of joint listings;

     10. Gold and Silver Awards Projects will get an offline exchange and communication activity

Additional participant:RMB 1,800/ person(including award gala, only for the same shortlisted project)