Das GERBER Shopping Mall

Owner:PHOENIX Real Estate Development GmbH

Designer:Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects

Owner:Phoenix Real Estate Development

Design Consultant:Ippolito Fleitz Group –
Identity Architects
Project Scale:120,000 ㎡
Interior Area:5,500 ㎡
Date of Completion:2014.9
Cycle of Design:44 months
(Start competition: February 2011)

The GERBER introduces a new retail boulevard and highly desirable location for the modern shopping 

experience. Flowing movements guide the consumer down a bend into the mall and create a light 

atmosphere with soft transitions and generous visual connections between the three retail levels. 

The design of the interior space effectively entices the city indoors.

The entrance areas introduce key themes of the interior design. The theme of intertwining rings thus 

creates a signature address for each entrance. The light rings reach their pinnacle at the very heart of 

the mall where they entwine a column and extend upwards to form a tree of light piercing all three 


Incised airspaces create visual links between the different levels of the mall. Rounded ceilings and 

balustrades give the space a flowing appearance and emphasise its verticality. Glass sides make the
ceiling layers appear less weighty, revealing shop façades on other levels and attracting shoppers to
continue their shopping spree there. The monochrome colouring of all public areas adds a note of
elegance. The lack of colour also deliberately avoids visual competition with individual shop façades.
The façades are brought into line by a continuous, warm dark grey façade screen.

A stoneware floor is laid in all public areas. A hexagonal tile has been used to reflect the pavements

in the surrounding urban environment, which thus appears to be continued in the interior of the mall.
The hexagonal shape does not impose a particular direction on the shopper, instead inviting one to
tarry and browse, while still clearly denoting the route. The GERBER is designed to unite the shopping
experience outside and inside the mall, making it not just a shopping mall, but a fixed point in the
urban scene.

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