Parc Central

Owner:Sun Hung Kai Properties


Owner:Sun Hung Kai Properties

Design Consultant:Benoy
Project Scale: 110,000 ㎡
Floor Area:110,000 ㎡
Landscape Area:28,560 ㎡
Date of Completion:2016

First and foremost, the design needed to be an integralpart of the city’s development. The design 

had to respectGuangzhou’s ‘Central Axis’, ensuring a 40m wide visualcorridor was left unobstructed

on the site. The rapiddevelopment around the Central Axis over the past 20years has made the 

city’s skyline, in places, unstructuredand cluttered. Parc Central, given its location in the centre of 

Guangzhou, had a unique opportunity to bring a rhythmback to the city’s skyline as a low-density 


Another important aspect was for the design to provideample green breathing spaces for the community. 

As one ofthe fastest growing cities in China, Guangzhou has aimedto create more green spaces for citizens,

and the CentralAxis has been positioned as one of the most importantgreen belts as part of this goal. 

Developed on the site ofa former public square, the vision for Parc Central was toensure the new 

development gave back to the communityand established a new urban park for the city.

As a commercial development, the client also placed anemphasis on ensuring that Parc Central was 

commercially viable; bringing value to the wider neighbourhood andsurrounding plots. The design needed to 

merge the ideaof the community parkland with a retail and shoppingdestination, leveraging significant 

transport connections aspart of the proposal. Benoy’s concept married these ideasby introducing the 

submerged park concept with the wellconnectedabove and below-ground mall.

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